Caernarfon Bay Caravan Park North Wales

The Welsh Language and Culture

Welsh is the first language of over a million people, and in the area of Snowdonia, the Llyn Peninsula and the Cambrian Coast around 70% of the population are Welsh speakers. Welsh is one of the oldest living languages in Europe and shares its roots with Breton, Gaelic and Cornish. The sense of community is very strong and Caernarfon's appeal springs from its unique heritage, culture and language, which touches on everyday life, giving this area a truly distinctive character. In any country, locals appreciate the effort made to learn a few basic words of their language. Here are a few words and basic pronunciation to get you by:


Croeso - Welcome
Bore da - Good morning
P'nawn da - Good afternoon
Nos da - Good night
Diolch yn Fawr - Thank you
Os gwelwch yn dda - Please
Sut ydych chi? - How are you
Da - Good
Da iawn - Very good
Iechyd da! - Good health, cheers

Eating Out

Paned o de - Cup of tea
Paned o Goffi - Cup of coffee
Llefrith - Milk
Siwgr - Sugar
Bara - Bread
Cwrw - Beer
Bara Brith - Fruit Loaf
Cawl - Soup
Gwin - Wine
Faint - How much?
Hwyl - Goodbye!

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Fantastic budget holiday - the kids loved it, played on the park on the beach all day
Mr Buchan 07/07/2011